Earn Money Online Showing Ads 2021

Earn Money Online Showing Ads 2021

Earn Money Online Showing Ads 2021

Greetings I hope all my friends are doing well Today my topic is to watch and show ad and watching on YouTube. I hope you will like my today’s Earn Money Online Showing Ads 2021.  I will upload many videos of my 11 on kashi TV channel, which you can get a lot of information by watching.

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Friends, as I briefed you on the previous video, your YouTube is such a channel app that millions of people all over the world and those people use any time.

As many people use this app, many people can get ATM information on this as I have 11 Kashi TV channel, I cry tears every day with a new video and give you information.

Friends, today I will tell you that you have to create a YouTube channel, how to make a YouTube channel and put ads on it, how it can be watched, how can it be subscribed to increase so that you can earn money sitting at home.

Friends, first of all, you have to make a channel, you have to make it survive, only one million, when your one million will be completed 1 years, after that one day you will come to your address to visit your channel in the temple, your income will come by achieving that day.

When you will complete your 17 years, your income will start coming, you will have to upload videos on your channel every day from 3:00 to 4:00

Friends, when you will upload 3 to 4 videos of your methods from Delhi, after that it is not in your income, whatever video people see in your account, its Ambani will continue to be transferred to your account.

Friends, in the same way, you will start getting ads on your videos, your channel will improve ok, you will like that ad, you will continue to get a lot of money, in this way you have to make some Washington in washing time, many friends you have to reduce the information

Friends, this was my youtube channel’s information about AIDS and watching, hope you will like this information of mine, I will be with the next video today Allah Hafiz. Earn Money Online Showing Ads 2021
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Friends today my topic was real song watching song on youtube channel hope you will get this my information moon subscribe my channel 11 kashi tv keep liking keep following keep taking care of yourself allah hafiz with next video Friends, today’s topic was to watch the original song on YouTube channel and get it improved. Friends hope you liked my channel and you liked my wife information

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