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History of Football, Rules of Football , Fifa World Cup History and Everything about Football

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  1. Origin of the name Football
  2. Football History
  3. Why Football is famous in World
  4. Beginning of FIFA World Cup (Fifa World Cup History)
  5. Football in India
  6. Football Game Format
    a. soccer ball size playground
    c. pitch length
  7. Rules of Football
  8. Know also about Football Kick

Origin of the name football

If we talk about the origin of football, then people have different opinions about the origin of the word football. According to FIFA, football is a developed form of a Chinese game suzu, that is, the same game played in China was called suzu. It has evolved from that. The game was developed in China during the Huan Dynasty. Whereas in Japan during the rule of the Asuka dynasty, the game of football was also known by the name of Camari. Later in 1586, it was played in Greenland by the workers of the captain of a ship named John Davis. In the 15th century, this game was played in Scotland under the name of football. In this way the origin of the word football has been told i.e. football was played more than before but was known by different names in different countries.

Now we tell you about the history and Rules of Football.

History of Football

History of Football

We have told you that the football game was played before, but it was named football later. Britain’s Prince Henry IV used the word football in English in 1408 AD. 1526 King Henry VIII of England expressed interest in playing football and made a special type of shoe. In a poem in 1580 Sir Philip Sydney described the game of football by women.

The notion of a goal was first developed in the late 16th to early 17th century to bring a sense of competition to the football game. Players constructed goalposts by planting bushes in two opposite heads in the field. A match of 8 or 12 goals was played during the 17th century.

How Football Got Its Identity

In the 19th century, football was widely played in the public schools of England along with various forms. According to historians, the football club was started in Ediburgh in 1824. Initially the club was formed by the students. One of them is Sheffield Football Club which is an English football club. It was established on 24 October 1857. It is the oldest active football club in the world. English club Notes County which was formed in 1862. The game began to spread and traders showed their interest in football.

Let us tell you that the first football competition was played in 1872 which was between England and Scotland. 4000 people came to see this game. The game ended in a draw of 0-0. The world’s first international match was played in 1883 in which teams from Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales participated. This is how football flourished in England and soon spread throughout the European continent. This game was first played outside Europe in Argentina.

Beginning of FIFA World Cup

In 1904 FIFA, the international football body, was formed in Paris and it was announced that Football Association rules would have to be followed. FIFA’s grassroots act was signed by representatives from France, Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. In the beginning there was no England and other British countries. The popularity of football in the world grew in 1913 due to the introduction of the FIFA International Football Association Board representation. Since then, gradually by doing this game spread all over the world and people’s interest in football started increasing. It currently consists of 4 representatives from FIFA and a representative board of all four British Associations.

Football is being played all over the world, millions of people regularly go to the football field to imitate their favorite teams and millions of people watch football on television with great interest.

Fifa World Cup History

Start of Football in India

In India it is not wrong to say that cricket is more liked in India. Still, football has retained its place and there is no dearth of football lovers in India either. Football is played more in West Bengal and Northeast states. India has been a colony of Britain, so British sports were also recognized in India. If football has become popular in India, then Nagendra Prasad has contributed to it. He is also called the father of Indian football. This game was first introduced in the school grounds in India. Nagendra Prasad contributed fully to the promotion of football, he formed the Boys Club. By 1880, many football clubs had been formed in Kolkata.

In whose formation Nagendra Prasad ji has a full hand and today football has got importance in India. After this Nagenday ji formed Sovabazar Salt Club. In 1950, India qualified for the World Cup but the Indian team did not have the money to go to the World Cup. During that time India gave more importance to the Olympics than the World Cup. India further participated in football. In the 1956 and 1958 Olympics, the Indian team was at number 4 position and this period is called the golden period of Indian football. In this way the popularity of football game in India became.

Format of the football game

The game of football is played with the feet in which the players score goals with the feet. This game is played with a round ball and since it is played with feet, it is called football. There are two teams of 11 players. In which each player tries to put the ball into the goalpost of the other team, the player gets the goals and if she scores more goals then the winner is and if both the teams score the same number of goals then the game is drawn. This game is of 90 minutes with a break at 45 minutes. Which is of 15 minutes. During this, if any player is injured, then the game can be postponed for some time under injury time and the game starts again.

a. soccer ball size

In the present time, football is being made in a better way and many better football companies have been established, which are manufacturing football keeping in mind the age of the players in the match, field etc. A soccer ball is a circular ball of circumference between 58 cm and 61 cm. playground

The length of the football field is called the sideline and the width is called the goal line. 50 yards, 100 to 130 yards is of rectangular shape. There is a line in the middle of the playing field which divides the field into two equal parts. A circle of radius 10 yards is drawn from the central centre. This is called the beginning period. There are round fields 8 yards wide at both ends of the field. There is a rectangular penalty area of ​​18.18 yards on either side of the goal areas.

c. pitch length

The length of the pitch for international matches is 110 meters and the width is 64 to 75 meters, while in other sports it is 91 to 120 meters in length and 45-91 meters in width. Usually the net is placed behind the goal, but according to the rules it is not even required.

Now we will tell you how to play football and what are its rules.

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Rules of Football

Rules of the Football Game

Along with knowing about the history of football, it is also very important to know what are the rules of how football is played, so know in detail the rules of football and how football is played.

You know very well that football match is played between two teams. In which there are 11-11 players in both the teams. There is a total game of 90 minutes. Winning and losing is decided in this game by saving the goal at the goal post and trying to score at the second goal post. Just like there is an umpire in the game of cricket, similarly in football all the authority lies with the referee and the referee’s decision is valid. The referee is accompanied by an assistant referee who assists the referee.

The toss is done before the start of the game, in which the winning captain decides his team wants to attack the goalpost. Or wants to kick off the ball. The most interesting thing in the football game is that whenever a goal is scored in the match, the ball is started again by placing the ball on the central line.

In the game of football, there is a striker whose job is to hit the goal.

The defenders are the ones who prevent the members of the opposing team from scoring goals.

The player who snatches the ball from the opposing team and gives the ball to the players playing in front of them is called midfielders.

The job of the goalkeeper is to prevent the goal from being scored and he has to do this work by standing in front of the goal post.

Know also about Football Kick

Kick Off – Game time begins with a kick, which is called kickoff.

Throw-in kick – In this kick, when the ball crosses the line completely, then the opposing team gets the reward which touches the ball last.

Indirect Free Kick – When the ball for a particular foul is sent out and play is stopped, the team gets an indirect free kick reward.

Corner Kick – When the ball completely crosses the goal line without a goal, the defending team gives a chance to the other team due to the last touch of the ball.

Goal kick – when the ball crosses the goal line, it is scored without a goal and the defending team is rewarded for the last touch of the ball by the attacker.

History of Football | Everything about Football

Penalty in football game

Dropped Ball – When the referee stops the game due to some other reason such as serious injury to the player, this ball gets damaged it is called dropped ball.

Yellow card– Yellow card means that the player has made a mistake in the field, in which the referee throws the player out of the field by showing the yellow card.

Red card– Getting a yellow card for the second time in the game means that the red card has been received. If a player is thrown out of the field due to getting a red card, then no other player can come in another place.

Off side – In this rule, the forward player cannot go ahead of the other player without defending the ball, especially cannot go very close to the goal line of the opposing team.

Penalty Shootout – In a league game, the game may end with a Dr but in some knockout games, if there is a tie till the time of play, then the match may go on till extra time but it may be that the match is tied after extra time. In such a situation, the penalty shootout rule is used, according to this rule, the kick is asked to be kicked from the first penalty point.

Penalty Area – The penalty area is the area in front of the goal. This area can be identified by the circle line. This happens up to a distance of 16.5 meters from the goalpost.

Penalty kick – If the goalkeeper’s position or the defending team commits a foul, then a penalty is given as a punishment.

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