How To Earn Money From YouTube in Pakistan 2021

How To Earn Money From YouTube in Pakistan 2021

How To Earn Money From YouTube in Pakistan 2021

Greetings first of all I call you happy on my channel I hope all of you friends are well together. Today I will tell you how you can earn money sitting in Pakistan. Friends, first of all what you have to do, you must have an Android mobile, you have to download YouTube in it. How To Earn Money From YouTube in Pakistan 2021

When you have downloaded YouTube, after that you have to go to YouTube and create an ID or create a channel that you have all the public papers on that channel, people do not know this thing that any good topics have to be made on that video.

Friends as my channel is AK Kashi tv chennal is ok I have many facilities this time to my friends I give a lot of information about learning about running about aids about youtube channel how to sit at home

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Friends, in the same way, you can show very amazing Kishan’s videos on YouTube, from where you can give all kinds of knowledge and people, that way you can have your own channel knowledge on any topic on an Animals on Good Officeworks. .

Friends, as you know that YouTube is such an app, is there such a technologies global village, which is the most run app in the whole world, we search for anything from YouTube, we will be available to you on YouTube Similar knowledge and kind of album

Friends, by creating a YouTube channel, you can earn a lot of money sitting at home, similarly, you have made a place and made it all live, after seeing the mantra, set it on fire, you wrote many such videos by writing many such videos.

Friends, this was to inform you about my YouTube channel, hope that you will like my information very much, keep subscribing to my channel and keep following it and keep sharing further Jazak Allah Allah Hafiz

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