Instagram features updates 2021- Fackbook good news – Whatsapp Good News

Important announcement regarding the new feature of Instagram. Instagram features updates 2021- Fackbook good news – Whatsapp Good News

Instagram features

Like Facebook and WhatsApp, Instagram continues to work on new features to secure Instagram on a future basis.

Instagram’s new features include new policies to protect users’ data and control unethical content.

Instagram features

It is also a social media platform that makes it easy to make money.

In this regard, Instagram has recently announced the addition of a new feature.

Regarding this new feature of Instagram, the company says that it is planning to launch advertisements on Instagram Shop.

Advertising in Instagram Shops will enable e-commerce outlets to make their use of Instagram Shops more efficient.

According to the management, this is a product based on our auction which is being tested in the United States. If this experiment is successful, this new format will be introduced in other markets.

Introducing the Instagram layout “Layout” 2019

Social media apps are constantly evolving with the aim of providing convenience and convenience to the users.

Instagram has added another feature to the app for users that users can enjoy.

According to a company spokesperson, a new feature has been added to the photo sharing app, after which users will now be able to share multiple photos on their stores.

This new feature is called ‘Layout’ in which users will be able to add multiple images to their story on one screen.

This feature will make it easier for users to create a story using Instagram’s layout feature instead of adding multiple photos using another app.

Instagram’s Like Hiding feature started working

Previously, users could only post one photo to their Instagram story.

This year, Instagram has introduced a number of features for users, including new filters, throwback posts and other features.



Alarm for Facebook users The company made the important announcement: –

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The World Health Organization (WHO) has already issued guidelines for sharing unverified content on the coronavirus on social media platforms.

In keeping with these guidelines, Facebook deleted 653 Facebook and 243 Instagram photo-sharing apps worldwide last month.

In this regard, the Facebook administration says that the administration has closed the accounts of people who used to share news regarding the Coronavirus without verification.

Note that the Facebook administration has warned that this is a warning to social media users to be careful and share something only after research.

Instagram features updates 2021- Fackbook good news – Whatsapp Good Updates

Whatsapp Updates

Whatsapp Good News

WhatsApp eases a lot of difficulties for its users Great news for millions of people:

In this day and age, WhatsApp and other social media platforms have become very important because people are living on these platforms more than phones.

That’s why now everyone has a backup of their data so that in case of loss or replacement of mobile, everything is safe and can be easily found again.

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But the problem will come when you used to use an Android smartphone and now you are thinking of using an iPhone instead because transferring data from Android to i is very difficult or almost impossible.

However, WhatsApp has eased the problem for its users by saying that users will be able to transfer chats, emojis and photos to iOS system from phones with Android 10 or later operating system.

WhatsApp says that this tool will be very helpful for users as they will be able to use all the data of their account on different devices and platforms by transferring it to any operating system.

The company said that this feature was developed with great difficulty because users’ messages are end-to-end encrypted and stored in mobile, mobile companies also did extra work to ensure this work and Prepared

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