Instagram new features 2021 | What new features is Instagram going to introduce?

Instagram chief Adam Musei has announced that new features of his social media app are coming soon, including features such as videos, messaging, crawlers, and shopping. What new features is Instagram going to introduce?
“Videos are going to change in the near future,” Adam Musei wrote in a tweet. “Tik Tak and YouTube are big competitors,” he said. Instagram new features 2021
Instagram will also introduce a ‘Recommendations’ feature for future users. This feature will be based on user preferences.

What new features is Instagram going to introduce?

“We are always trying to introduce new features,” Adam Musseri tweeted. We’re currently working on four key features, including Creators, Video, Shopping, and Messaging.
According to NDTV, the ‘Recommendations’ feature is in the testing stages and the first version came out last week. This week, a new feature of Instagram ‘Recommendations’ will come in which users will be able to choose the title of their choice.
Adam Museri said that some changes are being made in the videos feature in which you will be able to watch videos in full screen.

Instagram new features 2021

Instagram new features 2021

He said that the video feature would be beneficial for all major social media platforms. This means that Instagram will make further changes to Reels, IGTV, and videos posted on the platform.
Instagram is also making changes for creators to help them better monetize. Instagram is also working on features like shopping.
In addition to these, there are reports that Instagram is also testing to share links in stories through stickers.

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Instagram new features 2021

Many of Instagram’s features can only be used on mobile phones, the most important of which is post creation and post editing. However, many Instagram users are now using the Instagram site from the desktop as well. That’s why Instagram will now allow users to create and edit posts from the desktop.

In this regard, an informant has also released some pictures on Twitter, which show how Instagram users will be able to create posts from the desktop.

Users will be able to upload photos or videos to the Instagram site from drag and drop and then add filters to post it. Users will also be able to tag your post by location and people. The interface for creating posts on the desktop is exactly the same as the application. It is not yet known when this feature has been released to users.

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