Whatsapp Update – Whatsapp New all Updates and features in 2021

Whatsapp Update – Whatsapp New all Updates and features in 2021

New feature to save WhatsApp messages

Whatsapp Update date is 14 August 2021

WhatsApp is a platform that is used by more than half of the world’s population today and the number of users is increasing every day.

Some time ago, there were fears that WhatsApp might suddenly collapse due to WhatsApp’s privacy policy. But the company withdrew its move after objections from users.

The privacy policy is designed to secure users’ data so that users can easily trust any social media platform.

In this regard, WhatsApp is also taking new steps to protect the data of its users.

WhatsApp recently reported that users can now keep their secret messages at will for as long as they want or forever.

In this regard, the company says that even once the chat is saved by the user. It will remain safe until the user himself removes it.

From MessengerRoom you can now call up to 50 partners of Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram together:-

Whatsapp Update date is 2020-04-24

Facebook is introducing a new feature called Messenger Room in its messaging application Messenger. This feature will allow users to video chat in groups. Messenger Rooms allows users to talk to up to 50 WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram partners at a time.
Initially, this feature allows 8 people to talk at once but this limit will soon be increasing to 50. This feature will work not only on Facebook but also on Instagram and WhatsApp.
How these features works are not yet known. Facebook has long wanted its users to cross-platform chat with each other. This feature has fulfilled the desire of Facebook and many users.
This feature allows users to start a “room” from Messenger’s news feed.
After that, it can start with an Instagram direct message.

The chat will not be encrypted, but Facebook has said it will not monitor chat rooms.
No separate app needs to install for ROM. This feature will work directly in Messenger. Using it, users will also be able to use many filters.
Facebook will provide users with a number of options that will allow them to control anyone’s entry into the room. If the host expels someone from the room, they will not return without permission. Currently, this feature can only use in the United States. It will be introduced in other countries in the coming weeks.

More than four people will now be able to make video or audio calls on WhatsApp: –

The update date is 2020-04-19

The global Coronavirus epidemic has left people stranded in their homes. People also make video or audio calls to their loved ones to pass the time. That’s why many apps have audio or video call participants. Working to increase. Google Dow has already increased the number of call participants by 50%. Now Facebook’s proprietary WhatsApp is planning to do the same.

A review of the code for the WhatsApp beta version suggests that the company plans to increase the number of participants in audio or video calls in the near future.
WhatsApp currently allows up to 4 people to make audio or video calls at once. While other apps in the competition allow for more audio or video conferencing of participants.
It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. It is hoped that WhatsApp will increase this number much more than 4 to 6. Whatever it is, more news will come out soon. Whatsapp Update in 2020

WhatsApp has solved a big problem for users, sending high-resolution images has become easier now.

The update date is 11th Jul 2021

WhatsApp, a mobile messaging application, has solved a major problem for users by simplifying the problem of sending high-resolution images.

According to social media reports, whether the camera of a smartphone is 64 megapixels or 108 megapixels, WhatsApp users always seem to complain that they cannot send their high-resolution photos to anyone else.

According to the WABTA info website, WhatsApp is working to solve the biggest problem of its users. In the near future, users will be able to send each other images in high-resolution quality.

The website claims that in the new version of WhatsApp when a user sends a picture to another, he will gives three options which are as follows.

The first option is Auto, which when selected will allow the image to be sent in medium resolution. This option will be suggested by WhatsApp.

The second option will be the best quality in which the user will be able to send the image in its true resolution.
26th Jul, 2021

The third and final option will automatically reduce the image resolution in the Data Saver.

WhatsApp’s biggest feature of 2021 is finally available to a limited number of users.

The update date is 17th Jul, 2021.

WhatsApp has finally introduced the feature that users have been eagerly waiting for for many years.

WhatsApp’s biggest feature of 2021 is the use of this service across multiple devices simultaneously. But for the time being it will be available on a limited scale.

WhatsApp has introduced multi-device support for testing in a public beta version that will be available to a limited number of users.

A statement on Facebook’s engineering website said the Facebook-owned app would first test the multi-device support feature in a limited number of beta users.

Although WhatsApp users can still use the messaging service on multiple platforms. They need to keep their smartphones connected, which is why WhatsApp has an end-to-end encryption system.

However, now in the beta version, users will be able to use the WhatsApp simultaneously with one phone on 4 other LinkedIn devices, even if their phone switch off.

In addition, users from each device will be able to use the WhatsApp account freely. While the end-to-end encryption feature will remain.

According to Facebook, new technology has been developed to maintain end-to-end encryption in multi-device support. Which will ensure end-to-end encryption while syncing data from contact names and chat archives across different devices.

The post further states that WhatsApp’s new multi-device architecture will eliminate the need for smartphones and the service can be used across different devices while keeping data secure and private.

WhatsApp says it will continue to improve beta version performance and add features before introducing multi-device support to all users.

Whatsapp Update in 2021

According to a recent report, users will be able to link up to 4 devices simultaneously from their WhatsApp account, but these devices will be limited to WhatsApp Web, WhatsApp Desktop and Facebook Portal.

However, this feature will have some limitations and beta testers will not be able to send messages to people who are using older WhatsApp versions on their phones.

News of the multi-device support feature first surfaced in July 2019, and WABetainfo reported at the time that WhatsApp was working on a new platform (Universal Windows Platform) that Allows an account to log in to multiple devices at once.

According to later reports, the main device will not require a dynamic internet connection like the WhatsApp web during multi-device support.

Even if you don’t have a phone, you can still use your WhatsApp account on the web or other devices, just like Facebook Messenger. Whatsapp Update in 2021

Whatsapp Update: Changes to WhatsApp’s group call feature

The update date is 21st Jul, 2021

The group call feature has been significantly changed by the multimedia sharing application WhatsApp. Whatsapp Update.

According to reports, WhatsApp is constantly working to improve its features and is trying to make it easier keeping in mind the difficulties of the users.

In this regard, WhatsApp changes the feature of the group call, according to which the ability to join a group call even after it has been introduced has been introduced.

The convenience of joinable calls reduces the need to answer a group call as soon as it starts, and brings the individuality of group conversations to the brilliance and ease of group calling on the WhatsApp.

For the convenience of users, WhatsApp has also created a call information screen so that users can see who is already on the call and who has been invited but not yet joined.

And if users tap ‘Ignore’, WhatsApp can be added later from the Calls tab.

How to download a video from a user’s WhatsApp status?

WhatsApp, a globally popular messaging app, is constantly introducing new features for the convenience of its users.

According to the details, WhatsApp status is a feature through which any user can share their feelings and emotions with their friends. But many people may not even know that any user’s video on WhatsApp status. You can easily download.

Know how to download a video from the WhatsApp status of any friend or contact list?

Users with smartphones can download Google files from the Google Play Store, then click the menu icon in the left-hand corner of the app.

Then go to Settings option and toggle for show hidden files, then go to the file manager of the smartphone and click on the internal storage option WhatsApp> Media> Statuses.

Now in the folder option, you will be able to easily watch the video checked in the status by clicking on the photo or video you want to watch. And by long pressing on the status video you can easily move your desired video to the desired location. You can also download it.

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WhatsApp introduces a new archive feature for users

The Whatsapp Update date is 20th Jul, 2021

WhatsApp, a mobile messaging app used around the world, recently introduced a new archive feature for its users.

According to social media reports, under this feature, WhatsApp chat has an archive option under which the user can view the archived chats.

This new feature does not notify notifications of new messages in the archived chats but rather the number of messages written on the archive option.

Users using Android mobile can easily remove the archive option.

First open the WhatsApp and click the Archive option at the top of the screen, this will open all the archive jet.

After that, three dots will appear along with the archive, pressing which will open the archive setting.

As soon as the user disables the CapeChats archive by going to the archive settings, the archive box will remove from the top of the chats.

At the same time, the archived groups and chats will appear on the screen as soon as the message arrives.

Important news for WhatsApp users, a new feature has been introduced

The update date is 14th Jul, 2021.

WhatsApp, a mobile messaging app, has introduced great features for its users.

According to social media reports, with this new feature of WhatsApp, the user can rejoin the missed call in the group.

This feature will allow the user to easily find other options during the call while the color option will also be available at the bottom of the screen.

This option is currently available for iOS beta users. But hope that these features will soon be available for Android users as well.

How to avoid being involuntarily added to WhatsApp groups?

The update date is 27th Jul, 2021.

WhatsApp introduces various features to the users on a daily basis which make it easy for the user to communicate but there are some features that the users are not aware of. Whatsapp Update in 2021

According to the details, giving your number to someone sometimes causes trouble even. If that person adds you to any WhatsApp group, as a result of which you have to be a part of a meaningless conversation.

In this case, WhatsApp has given you the option to decide who will add you to which group and who will not.

To do this, go to the app’s settings and select the account option. After going to privacy, the groups option will appear. By selecting it, you can easily make sure that only the friends in your contact will give you any. Add to group.

Note that you can also select a few by selecting the names of your friends.


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